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Property owners get extension on Property Tax valuation form submission

June 5th is the final deadline for citizens to submit their Valuation Return Forms relating to the Property Tax.

On Wednesday Finance Minister Colm Imbert said in a media statement that a recommendation will be made to cabinet at its regular meeting today to get the extension.

It added that the move was being sought due to the overwhelming response by Property Owners over the last few days to submit their Valuation Return Forms.

Minister Imbert at the weekly post cabinet media briefing this afternoon said estimated figures on the number of forms submitted in a the last few days stands at around one hundred and fifty thousand.

He made it clear that the request for an extension had nothing to do with pro action protocol letters received by the Finance Ministry.


Mr Imbert also addressed fears that citizens could lose their property should they fail to make the deadline given.


Furthermore, the Acting Prime Minister explained why residential properties were chosen for the process first, ahead of commercial and industrial properties.