The Trinidad & Tobago Solid Waste Management Company Limited has said it needed to clarify claims of retrenchment made by The Industrial General and Sanitation Workers Union, who are representatives of SWMCOL’s Daily Paid Workers.

The union staged a midday protest outside the company’s head office in Port- of- Spain Thursday, claiming that 212 recycling workers had been dismissed.

However, the company’s Communications Manager, David Manswell, told News Power, the workers were hired on contract, for a specific project and they were made aware that the duration of employment was temporary before and during the interview process and signed on to such terms.

Meanwhile, President of the Industrial General and Sanitation Workers Union, Robert Benacia, said that the terms and conditions of employment for any daily paid worker were to be discussed with the union.

Also speaking with News Power, Mr Benacia said after 90 days an employee has to become permanent based on the negotiations done between the company and the union.

Mr Benacia said the company is violating the terms and conditions drafted by the union, the company and the Ministry.

He claims the company wants to handle its operations like URP where workers will be on rotation as appose to permanent employment.