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PSA President, Watson Duke

The Public Services Association and its membership were out in full force this morning, this even as government and Opposition

members sat within the doors of parliament- Attorney General Farris Al Rawi highlighting instances of financial mismanagement allegedly committed under the former People’s Partnership Government.

PSA President, Watson Duke this morning proved relentless in his approach as he called for employees of the Public Transport Services Association (PTSC) and retirees of the Housing Development Corporation to be paid monies owed to them by government.

First speaking at PTSC’s compound in Port of Spain, Mr. Duke said a meeting with PTSC General Manager, Ronald Forde delivered no outcome.

Public Transport Services AssociationHe attempted to get the full support of his membership, challenging them to band together and protest the inactivity of government and PTSC’S management, in ensuring that monies owed are paid.

The PSA President subsequently met with his membership at the HDC compound where he again called on government to pay up. Mr.

Duke said retirees are owed money and demanded that government pay NOW.

He said the process of finalizing the payment has taken long enough and again demanded that payment be made with a level of urgency.

Mr. Duke said his membership is advised not to work unless there is an assessment of their stress levels, brought on as a result of their

present financial status.