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PSA Elections Stopped. Duke and Contenders to Appear in Court on Tuesday.

PSA Elections Stopped. Duke and Contenders to Appear in Court on Tuesday.

Watson Duke and his contenders of the upcoming internal elections, will have to hold off for a bit- this as a High Court judge, on Friday ruled that the elections must be stopped. The judge cited numerous serious issues raised by one of the three candidates, as the reason for the stalled election.

Solomon Gabriel, who heads Team PSA Fixers raised the suspicions and now the next step is for the parties to appear before Justice Nadia Kangaloo, at the Hall of Justice in Port of Spain on Tuesday morning. Following the matter’s hearing and determination, another date for the election will be set.

In his application for injunctive relief, Gabriel, in his affidavit, claimed that the PSA’s constitution had been violated and that the list of voters for the election is fundamentally flawed.

He stated that on October 5, a special general meeting was held and a decision taken which enabled then non-financial members to pay their dues and to be treated thereafter as eligible voters.

Rule 7 of the PSA’s constitution states that non-financial members are prohibited from voting and Rule 20(b) of the election rules provide that a person shall not be eligible to vote unless he was a financial member for a period of 12 months prior to the date of the election.

Gabriel also stated that he and other members of the slate made requests for copies of the minutes of that meeting but those requests were denied.