Earlier today at a media conference held at the SWWTU Hall, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, the Union’s Industrial Relations Officer, Yvonne De Peza, said Mr. Duke has temporarily been replaced by Rosanna Robinson.

Ms De Peza said Ms Robinson will be in the leadership position until elections are held.

Ms. Robinson, who was the union’s first vice president, had been suspended by Mr. Duke earlier this year.

Members of the union held a special General Council on September 2nd and expelled Mr. Duke, as well as suspended Mr. Nixon Callender, who was appointed general secretary by Mr. Duke.

Mr. Duke did not attend the September 2nd meeting, but was at City Hall where the meeting was held.

Among the charges laid against Duke, according to the general council members, and in accordance with the PSA’s constitution were: failure to hold annual general conference in the first quarter of the financial year, failure to notify executive members of the general council for approval on newly employed persons, and failure to acquire approval on all expenditures.