The Police Service Commission is taking serious issue with the absence of both police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs and his second in command Jack Etwaski, during this time.

In a release issued this afternoon, the Commission also expressed what it described as grave concerns about the fact that it had to learn from the media that Commissioner Gibbs was detained and held for some hours in Brazil, upon entering that country in an attempt to attend a conference.

The Commission said it had heard nothing in relation to this incident from Commissioner Gibbs, and was not even aware that he would have been out of the country in the first place.

The Commission describes this as a tremendous embarrassment not only to the Police Service of Trinidad and Tobago and by extension the Police Service Commission, but also to the entire nation of Trinidad and Tobago as it appears that his detention may have been the result of Commissioner Gibbs not having a visa for such entry into Brazil.

The Police Service Commission said it was seeking to give Commissioner Gibbs and Deputy Commissioner Ewatski the fullest opportunity to be heard and shall be writing these two gentlemen to ask them to explain and account for their absences and to be informed as to the strategic objectives, goals and plans of the Police Service during this period of a State of Emergency.