With 21 murders for the year thus far and climbing there is concern that violent crime is spiraling out of control.

Just last week Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith commented on what he described as a more than 60% drop in violent crime when compared to the same period last year.

In less than a week the murder toll has risen significantly.

The question now is, whether or not the criminal elements are at all bothered by the continued threats by the Police Commissioner that they would be dealt with severely by members of the police service.

Speaking with News Power Now  President of the Police Social and Welfare Association, Acting ACP Michael Seales said that the Commissioner must take responsibility both when the numbers are down… and when they escalate.

He said that it is important to give a level of comfort to citizens without giving out strategies, by explaining what plans are in place to treat with the sharp rise in murders.

Seales also spoke about TTPS issued ammunition being found in the possession of criminal elements.

He said that the Commissioner also bears responsibility to inform how he intends to deal with any rogue elements within the TTPS.