As efforts to prevent the spread of COVID 19 continue in Trinidad and Tobago, there is word that Public buses will be operating at half their usual passenger loads.

A statement issued on Saturday by the Public Transport Service Corporation said that all PTSC buses will be operating at 50 percent capacity.
As a result, there will be only one seated passenger in every other seat.

Additionally, commuters will be asked to stand three feet apart as they line up to board the bus.
The company said additionally no standing passengers will be allowed on their buses.
Water taxis and inter-island ferry vessels have also cut their capacity in half to accommodate social distancing measures.

The Ministry of Works and Transport issued health and safety guidelines for all public transport in an effort to prevent any spread of COVID-19.

The Ministry also said that routine sanitization will be practiced. It stated that where possible, public transportation units would travel without air conditioning. Windows will be opened to allow fresh air to circulate which can reduce the spread of the virus.

The MOWT said adequate supplies of soap will be available in public washroom facilities such as the inter-island ferry service and staff will also be provided with hand sanitiser