Military trained security professional, Dirk Barnes, says preservation of self might have been one of the primary factors which prevented members of the public from intervening to help a woman who was assaulted by a man at the car park area of Tropical Plaza, Pointe-a-Pierre on Monday.

Police reports say around 11.40 am 60 year old security officer Lloyd Logan and 37- year- old female taxi driver, Kemba Olufemi got into an argument when he took out a gun and fired two shots at her car and then proceeded to beat her on the head with the gun butt.

The woman then reportedly ran for help and the collapsed while Logan went to his vehicle and allegedly ingested a substance, he was taken to San Fernando General Hospital, where he died.

Olufemi died at hospital as a result of those injuries yesterday.

Speaking with Power 102.1FM this afternoon, Mr. Barnes said the perpetrator, who had been armed with a weapon could have been the main reason why physical intervention was not made by anyone before the police arrived on the scene.

He also touched on the operations and capacity off the 999 Rapid Response System.