A massive public education campaign is coming, to sensitize nationals of about human trafficking

Minister in the Ministry of National Security Subhas Panday explains this is critical because citizens must be able to report to police, any sign which may indicate the illegal activity may be taking place in their communities

The Trafficking of Humans Bill 2011 was recently passed in the parliament, and today Mr Panday explains that it is a major success story for the country, because the problem is much more widespread than many people think

The Campaign is to begin as soon as the Bill is implemented


The media meantime is reminded of its role in keeping this illicit activity at bay

Mr Panday says advertising trends and styles could possibly raise red flags, and so those in senior positions are urged to be extra vigilant in order to determine the legality of the advertiser

He notes a recent increase in the number of brothels around the country, as well as the increase in advertising for services like private massages

And although he admits it will not be an easy task to keep an eye on advertisers, he suggests that a little more investigating may be what’s needed