NEWS GRAPHIC 6When Parliament resumes today one of most controversial and anticipated pieces of legislation is expected to be presented and debated before members of the Upper house.

Minister of Planning and Sustainable Development, Dr. Bhoendradatt ‘Bhoe’ Tewarie is scheduled to lead off debate of the second reading of the new public procurement act.

One of the general election promises of the ruling People’s Partnership Government was that it would bring procurement legislation to put an end to years of corruption carried out by politians and public officials.

Consultation on the act was marred with controversy which included a decision by members of the Opposition Peoples National Movement to desist from participating in the Joint Select Committee.

In 2012, Opposition Leader, Dr Keith Rowley cited a possible breach of the country’s existing public procurement laws with the planned construction of the Invaders Bay Development Project.

This new act of Parliament seeks to establish an Office of Procurement Regulation and repeal the Central Tenders Board Act.