Minister for Public Utilities, Senator Robert Le Hunte has said that the government has begun consideration of water conservation, in addition to energy conservation and waste management.

He said the use of efficient energy resources plays an important part in the sustainable development of the country, and as such the Government fully supports the implementation of Energy policies, programmes and technologies.

The minister was at the time addressing participants at an Energy Efficiency conference Tuesday morning, at the Hyatt Regency in Port of Spain.

The conference was hosted by Target Solutions Limited, an energy efficiency company. It was staged under the theme Energy Efficiency for a Greener World.

Delivering his remarks on behalf of the Prime Minister, Minister Le Hunte said this was a movement that needed the participation of all citizens and he is challenging agencies under his ministry to follow suit, also highlighting awareness of the sustainable use of resources.

Minister Le Hunte also pointed out that with the signing the Paris Agreement on Climate change, Trinidad & Tobago has completed its Nationally Determined Contribution. This, he said, will serve as a guide towards the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, adding that it is now awaiting Cabinet approval.