school violence

Students of Palo Seco Secondary School

Two major contributing factors to deviant behavior in school children are punctuality and absenteeism.

The lack of parental involvement in the nation’s Schools has also been listed as a contribution factor.

This was stated in the meeting of the Joint Select Committee in Parliament on Wednesday.
The meeting was held to discuss school violence and bullying.

This comes amid several reports of student misbehavior in schools.

In the latest incident a student can be seen using abusive language and threaten to slap a teacher while standing in the corridor of a school.

The incident has been trending on social media recently.

There was an admission however from President of the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association, Devanand Sinanan that absent teachers and teachers who arrived late to classes was also a contributor to the problem.

President of the National Parent Teachers Association, Zena Ramatali who also engaged in discussions along with other education stakeholders at the meeting said that there were other factors that contributed to violence in schools.

President of the National parent Teachers Association Zena Ramatali