A non-refundable risk! That’s what persons who contributed $700 to join the “Blessings Overflow” pyramid scheme, are being told they signed up for, when they contributed their money to be included.

A Beetham, Laventille man, identified only as Cazim is now being accused by these people of making off with thousands of dollars contributed by over 1200 people. After being found and defamed on social media by those who allegedly made the contributions, he finally broke his silence on the matter, saying that while over 1,200 people invested in the group, about 300 members were paid out. “A risk that 1,200 plus people took and over 300 persons (all who have remained silent) benefited successfully from,” he said, adding, “ there were over 8 administrator in the group yet still persons who DID NOT even risk their money directly with me are trying to make me a scapegoat. It was perhaps well orchestrated from within! The balance of monies were repaid to as much people as feasible (many of whom remain silent),” he said.

Cazim further wrote, “I unreservedly deny these unfair accusations that I ran away with persons’ money! As soon as you invested/risked your money it went to “Bless” someone else in hopes that when YOU reach water, others after you would do the same.”

A video has since surfaced showing a woman said to be a female administrator of the said “Blessings Overflow” scheme, crying and begging for angry people not to kill her. In the video she claims she does not have anyone’s money and does not know where she is going to get the money to repay persons.

Blessings Overflow” is one of several pyramid schemes that have been promoted in Trinidad and Tobago. There have been reports that other groups have crashed as well.