Member of Parliament for Barataria/San Juan, Dr. Fuad Khan

The death 61 year old Jewan Maharaj following an eighteen (18) day stay in the Intensive Care Unit due to complications that arose from a combination of hypertension and H1N1 Influenza, triggered questions of whether or not if the H1N1 virus is turned into an epidemic.

Speaking on the increase number of deaths from the virus is former Health Minister, Dr. Fuad Khan who indicated once there are a higher number of deaths the virus can be classed as an epidemic.

Dr. Khan also made mentioned to the number of cases reported from the Sangre Grande area and asks that authorities pay special attention to that district.

Suggesting that the epidemiologist in the Health Ministry take a closer look at the increase in numbers, Dr. Khan said patients complaining of viral ammonia should also be attended too and tested as their immune systems can be compromised if they are in contact with anyone who has the H1n1 virus.

Member of Parliament for Barataria/San Juan, Dr. Fuad Khan