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Questions Regarding Bugged AG’s Office Still Abound, Says Faris Al Rawi.

Questions Regarding Bugged AG’s Office Still Abound, Says Faris Al Rawi.

Questions still remain concerning the so-called Email-gate affair, despite the claim by Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams that the investigation into the matter revealed nothing of substance.

In June 2013, then opposition leader, Dr. Keith Rowley, had revealed in parliament a list of 31 purported email correspondences which were said to have implicated the then Prime Minister and other members of the last government, in an alleged plot to harm a journalist, to bug the DPP’s office and to offer him a bribe, among other alleged offenses.

Those identified in the alleged plot, were required to submit personal computers and other electronic devices to the police, after an investigation was launched.

However, earlier this week, the Commissioner said he had passed the file to the Director of Public Prosecutions despite his belief that there was no substance to the allegations.

Attorney General Faris Al Rawi is now raising questions over the Commisioner’s claims that the investigation revealed nothing of substance as he says there is information to suggest that the Office of the DPP was actually bugged with listening equipment.

Speaking at post cabinet yesterday he said there is evidence to support his position.


The actual report Mr. Al Rawi refers to has not been made public.

Calls to his phone to enquire if he intends to pass on the report to the police went unanswered.
News Power Now also attempted to reach Commissioner Williams but he too up to news time had not returned our calls.