Member of Parliament for St Augustine, Prakash Ramadhar is calling on Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith to make it easier to grant law-abiding citizens firearms.

In a media release the MP pointed out recent instances where citizens fought back against criminals. In Couva last week, bandits were shot by a security guard and in San Fernando, the owner of a supermarket was made to defend himself and his family with a licensed firearm that led to the death of a potential murderer.

This, Mr. Ramadhar said is a wake up call that this nation needs to give law-abiding citizens the option to protect themselves.

He made the call for Commissioner Griffith to revisit and make more effective, the issuing of firearms being granted to law-abiding citizens who have passed all the necessary tests and requirements, so that they will have a response to those who wish them harm.

He also made a call for all those who are involved in law enforcement be given the opportunity to carry firearms at all times.