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Rambachan: Warner is reckless

suruj 5Minister of Works and Infrastructure Dr. Suruj Rambachan has stoutly denied allegation by Chaguanas West Member of Parliament and Independent Liberal Party (ILP) interim leader, Jack Warner, that he is involved in corrupt dealings relating to compensation for a property along the Point Fortin Highway route.

Dr Rambachan told News Power Now that he would “like to make it categorically clear that there is no truth” to Warner’s allegations.

He said Warner “is behaving in a very reckless fashion.”JACK WIN5

Dr Rambachan said Warner has described him as his “arch-nemesis” and he was at a loss since 2009 to understand what has made him such an enemy to Warner, who, he claims, seems to have singled him out for special attention.

On Saturday last, during the ILP’s local government campaign launch in Tunapuna, Mr. Warner produced three copies for compensation for a Penal property owned by Rawlins Rambaran, a retired engineer with the Trinidad Broadcasting Company.

Rambaran is affected by the construction of the $8 billion Golconda to Point Fortin Highway extension.

Mr. Warner alleged that after meetings between Minister Rambachan and Rambaran at the Minister’s Lange Park home, the valuation of Rambaran’s property increased from $7.1 million in the first valuation of his property done in 2011, to $15.3 million in a third valuation in 2013.

However, Dr Rambachan resides at Ramsaran Park, Chaguanas and not at Lange Park as claimed by Warner.

Vice-president of the National Infrastructure Development Company (NIDCO), Dinanath Ramkissoon, said that NIDCO is unaware of a third claim submitted for Rambaran’s property.

Ramkissoon stated that Rambaran made a claim for his commercial/residential property in 2011, which was amended in 2012, before Dr Rambachan became the Minister of Works and Infrastructure.

Ramkissoon said NIDCO’s independent valuers have not completed their valuations and, as such, negotiations have not yet begun to acquire Rambaran’s property by private treaty.