Police have launched a manhunt for a labourer accused of molesting a three-year-old toddler, following a report on Sunday at the Marabella Police Station…

This latest case comes one day after police arrested a 62-year-old man for sexually molesting a seven-year-old female relative…

Investigators said around 12:45 pm, a Marabella man went to the police station with his three year old child.

He told police that the child was playing with a neighbour who held the child down and committed grievous sexual assault.

Following an examination by a District Medical officer on Monday, police began their hunt for the assailant.

In another incident, a 17 year old Guapo woman has reported to police that she was assaulted by a 16 year old male friend.

Police said at around 2:15 pm on Sunday, the teenager and her 39-year-old mother went to the police station where they made the report.

She told police around 2 pm on January 10, she went to a friend’s house to lime, and it was during this that the 16 year old allegedly pushed her into a room and tried to have sex with her.  However, she fought him off.

The teenager was medically examined and police are searching for the suspect.

Meantime, in the case of the 62-year-old man who is accused of molesting his seven-year-old female relative…

That grandfather is expected to appear before a Couva magistrate sometime today where he is charged with several counts of incest.

It is alleged that the man began molesting the girl two years ago.

On Saturday, the girl’s mother made a report to the police and the grandfather went into hiding.

However, around 6:45 pm on Sunday, he was found hiding behind equipment in a yard at Couva.