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Ravindra Ramrattan….gone….but will not be forgotten…

Ravi Funeral

Parbatee and Bisnath Ramrattan garland the body of their son Ravi.

Ravindra Ramrattan was taken to the Waterloo Cremation site for cremation on Tuesday, and even as his family, friends, co-workers, and those who knew him only by the Kenya tragedy, there was a vow that “Ravi will not be forgotten”

Two Saturday’s ago, the 30 year old, was at a mall in Nairobi, Kenya, when it was attacked by terrorists.

He hid in a supermarket and sent text messages out to friends that he was safe. However, the following day, his body was discovered in a morgue.

He was one of at least 69 persons killed in the attack.

British High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago, Arthur Snell, while delivering a tribute at Ramrattan’s funeral at Monroe Road, Cunupia, expressed the gratitude of the British Government for the work that Ramrattan was doing in Kenya.


Ravi Ramrattatan – R.I.P

Mr. Snell said “On behalf of the British Government we say ‘thank you’ for what you did”, “We will not forget what you did”.

President Anthony Carmona and Acting Prime Minister, Dr. Roodal Moonilal, and House Speaker Wade Mark also attended the funeral, along with National Security Minister Gary Griffith, ministers Vasant Bharath, Winston Dookeran, Chandresh Sharma, Glenn Ramadharsingh and Stephen Cadiz.

The President and the House Speaker sat next to Ramrattan’s parents Bisnath and Parbatee Ramrattan during the ceremony.

Some of Ramrattan’s friends, whom he met during his time in Kenya, also attended the funeral.

Officiating pundit Amar Seepersad said that Ramrattan was snatched away by cowards.

He noted that this can happen to anyone, even in Trinidad.

Pundit Seepersad said they have destroyed his body but not his soul.