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RBC comes under fire as Union challenges its Saturday work day

Bankers and General Workers Union President Vincent Cabrera is today speaking out against the Royal Bank of Canada who he says has filed court papers against the body that governs unions in this country. He says the action by RBC comes in response to the union’s effort to represent employees of the bank who are being made to work Saturdays at malls in Trinidad and Tobago.

On June 19th, Mr. Cabrera spoke out on the matter during Labour Day celebrations, arguing that the ban had been exploiting Trinidad and Tobago’s workers. At that time he had applauded Tobago’s RBC workers who he said, had challenged the bank’s new work extension, and called on workers in Trinidad to follow suit.

In an interview with News Power Now on the matter this morning, Mr. Cabrera said the bank has said this is how they will ambush their competition.

He noted that a regular work week is 37 hours at RBC, but explained that workers were being made to work Saturdays will the allowance of merely a compensatory day off.

He said until the Bankers and General Workers Union is able to obtain their certification to be recognized as a legally recognized majority union, they will not be able to negotiate the matter on behalf of the RBC employees. The matter is presently before the courts.