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Reactions to Donald Trump’s win continue to pour in.

Reactions to Donald Trump’s win continue to pour in.

Within hours of Trump’s victory speech, Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the president-elect and flagged Moscow’s willingness to restore ties fully with its old Cold War foe, currently at loggerheads over the Syria conflict.

Russia featured heavily in a heated campaign period, with Trump praising Putin as a firm leader as US officials accused Moscow of meddling by leaking hacked Democratic campaign emails to undermine Hillary Clinton’s news1

French President François Hollande’s reaction was far from enthusiastic.

“The people of America have spoken. I have congratulated Mr. Trump, as it is usual in this situation. I thought of Clinton, with whom I worked during the Obama administration. This result leads to uncertainty,” he said, adding that the United States remained an ally of France’s.

“I also urge vigilance because of statements made by Donald Trump,” he said.

One of the biggest snubs appears to have come from the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis, who has been critical of Trump proposals, did not mention the election during his weekly public address and left it to the Vatican’s secretary of state, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, to offer best wishes to the candidate.