Three women murdered within the in the past four days has triggered major concern as women have increasingly become target for criminal activities.

On Saturday, 30 year old Rachel Mohammed and her female friend were shot at by a gunman in St Augustine, a few hours before that 17 year old Ne­tanya Mo-ham­dal­ly was found dead in a ravine at Exchange Lots, Cou­va.

Most recent 22 year old Caris­sa Pierre of Lovell Trace, Tu­na­puna was shot six times in the head.

News Power in an interview with Convener at Working Women for Social Progress, Jacquie Burgess asked if these murders can be linked to crimes of passion committed by loved ones.

Burgess said while she cannot link the cases to crimes of passion, she is advising all women to pay close attention to several warning signs while in relationships.

When asked how Working Women for Social Progress measures violence against women and children, Burgess said that they stand firmly against any act of violence.