TT Under-23 Women's Volleyball team in Pan Am

TT Under-23 Women’s Volleyball team in Pan Am

Trinidad & Tobago’s Women’s Under-23 Volleyball team buckled under another torrid test of their mettle at the six-nation Pan American Cup Championship in Lima, Peru yesterday, losing their fourth straight match and for the third time featuring in the undistinguished column of tournament records.


Argentina easily won the best of five-match 3-zero while fashioning a record 53-points widest ever margin of victory in the three-year-old tournament’s history.


TT lost at 12-25, 4-25 and 6-25, counting just 22 points won against Argentina’s 75.


TT coach Nicholson Drakes was quoted as saying at yesterday’s the Post-match Press Conference: “It has been a very difficult match for us because we are not at the same level of Argentina.  Everything is a process so we have to keep moving forward with a lot of work for the people to understand exactly all the work needed to be at this level.”


In their Tuesday second match against hosts Peru, Trinidad and Tobago erased Costa Rica’s previous 49-point 2012 record for the widest margin of defeat when they lost by 51.


In Monday’s opener against two-time defending champion and world-ranked number 3 the Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago skirted the wide-margin loss record with the third widest of 45.


TT played its first feel-good game against fellow 27th world-ranked Costa Rica on Wednesday winning a set, the third at 25-20, but Costa Rica with a 25-13, 25-16 and 25-20 score, prevailed.


Trinidad and Tobago play 12th ranked Cuba today to end their five-match round-robin campaign and even though conjuring up a shock win, the TT Volleyballers are in play tomorrow against Costa Rica once again for the tournament’s official fifth and sixth placed rankings.


Trinidad & Tobago had a lot of difficulties dealing with the serves from Argentina yesterday as the winners recorded 16 aces for the match.

Elina Rodriguez had 12 points, including 9 aces, as the leading scorer for the winners.


Guillermo Orduna, coach of Argentina showed he understood the nature of yesterday;s match telling a Press Conference: “There are few things to analyze about this match because Trinidad & Tobago is a developing team going through a building process against one that came looking for the qualification and that’s a big difference technically. There are two different realities, but the important thing is that Argentina kept the composure and didn’t adjust to the opponents’ game., the Argentina coach said.