A 71-year-old woman is dead after she was involved in an accident in Penal on Thursday.

Reports state, 71 year old Angela Ganga, of Penal Rock Road, was driving around 2 pm when a van crashed into her at Scott’s Road Junction.

Both drivers were taken to hospital, however, Ganga died whilst undergoing treatment.

Relatives, however, are not satisfied with the response time of the ambulance, police officers and fire officials according to Loop.

In an emotional video posted to Facebook, Ganga’s grandson took issue with the way in which paramedics handled the matter.

He claimed that police officers arrived 20 minutes after the accident when it could have taken just about five minutes to get to the site of the crash, because of the close proximity.

The ambulance took about a half hour from the Siparia Health Centre, while fire officials took 20 minutes to arrive, he added.