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Relatives Pleading with Relevant Authorities for help to bury loved one.

Relatives Pleading with Relevant Authorities for help to bury loved one.

NEWS GRAPHIC 15Relatives of a four month pregnant woman who allegedly hanged herself last week are pleading with the relevant authorities to help them bury their loved one.

Two pathologists — Dr Valery Alexandrov and Dr Hubert Daisley — are at loggerheads over the circumstances surrounding the death the victim Stephanie Lewis who was found hanging at her Arima home 11 days ago.

One pathologist insists she committed suicide.

However the other is calling for a criminal investigation as he suggests her death may have been the result of foul play.

The mother of two was found hanging at her Mt Pleasant Road, Arima home on September 17.

In an interview with News Power Now this morning Lewis’ brother Kemy Houlieer revealed that the all the family wants is a resolution to the matter so that they could bury their/ his sister.


In a daily newspaper article today Dr. Valery Alexandrov, who conducted the initial autopsy showed evidence of how he arrived at his conclusion that Lewis committed suicide.

Alexandrov added that he had sent evidence to medical colleagues in the United States, who on reviewing said evidence, also concluded that death was self inflicted (suicide).

However the girl’s brother stated that this did very little to convince the family and called for his removal.


He even suggested that the family was concerned that there may have been a cover up in the investigation.


Brother of alleged hanging victim Kemy Houlieer.

An initial autopsy was performed by Pathologist Alexandrov at the Forensic Science Centre who ruled death was as a result of asphyxia consistent with suicide. However, at Lewis’ family’s request, Daisley performed a partial second autopsy, saying later he found certain inconsistencies which in his opinion warrant further investigations by police.

The result of this differing of opinion is that Lewis’ body remains on ice at a funeral home as her relatives insist that police should conduct a thorough investigation into Daisley’s claims.