The Ministry of Education wishes to dispel rumours that a member of its staff currently employed at Head Office has tested positive for the COVID-19 Virus. According to a media statement issued by the Ministry, it was reported to the Executive Team that a staff member was identified as part of a contact trace investigation for COVID-19. Immediate action was taken and the officer was removed from the compound and arrangements were made with National Maintains and Technical Services Ltd. (NMTS) to engage a specialized crew to conduct a sanitization exercise of all affected areas as recommended by the health authorities.  

The ministry said the temporary closure of the buildings, over the last three days was due to issues with the air conditioning system, adding that a notification of closure of the Education Towers has NOT been issued by the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Education will resume operations from tomorrow, pending the completion of repairs.  

The Ministry assured that information pertinent to this situation and other similar instances of primary, secondary and tertiary contacts have been communicated to the Ministry of Health and the advice obtained from the health authorities is that instructions will be issued in writing, if it is deemed necessary to close the Education Towers.   

The Ministry says it will continue to apprise staff and all relevant stakeholders of the advice obtained from the health authorities with respect to the sanitization or closure of these government buildings.