Chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, Martin Terry Rondon reports that the adverse weather has led to landslides and flooding in the North East of the country.

He explained that the high winds that accompanied the rains had an obvious impact on several communities in that part of the country.

Mr Rondon added that while he has not yet been able to coordinate with the ODPM, several measures have been put in place to provide relief to affected persons until site visits can be conducted throughout the day on Thursday.

Correspondence from the office the Mayor of Arima has also reported flooding in areas along Tumpuna Road.

Meanwhile, head of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management, Captain Neville Wint says there have been reports of street and flash flooding throughout the country.

Speaking with News Power Now he revealed that several of the Regional Corporations have now reported incidents of street and flash flooding.

Mr Wint noted that emergency operations remain at Level one given the current situation.

He assured that while conditions are still being monitored and emergency responders are only at level 1, all organizations are ready to jump into action should the situation take a turn for the worse.