crime_scene_tape_0_0On Friday a standoff between police and residents of the Enterprise area occurred after the shooting death of Selvon Alexis, brother of Enterprise gang leader Selwyn “Robocop” Alexis who was killed last year.

Silvon met his untimely demise after two gunmen in a vehicle drove up to him along Francois Street Enterprise and opened fire.

Alexis died instantly, after which the men made good their escape.

An uprising after the shooting led to the police and army working to contain the situation.

Police reports state that searches were carried out in the area however those responsible for the shooting could not be found.

They also say that information received led them to execute a search warrant at the grocery belonging to Robocop.

There they found three guns, a quantity of narcotics and ammunition and two bullet proof vests.

Images of police officers running for cover emerged on social media.

Citizens were told to stay away from the Central area last Friday as well.