Yellow Fever V

Reports this afternoon state that the South West Regional Health Authorities’ health centres are void of Yellow Fever vaccines.

News Power Now has learnt that employees have indicated that they are unable to say when the vaccine will be available. It was only at the Debe Health centre that confirmation was received that the vaccine should be available on August 4th.

Medical personnel at the South West Regional Health Authority have said they are not allowed to release any information on the matter, to the media. However News Power Now has learnt that CEO of the South west Regional Health Authority, Anil Gosine, has assured that he will investigate the situation.

A News Power source has indicated that the San Fernando city Health Department has said the vaccines are no longer available.

Yesterday, Dr. Kumar Sundaraneedy- the Medical Director of Health Programmes at the ministry of Health said there was no shortage of the vaccine in the country.


Persons who are booked to travel and do not have the Yellow Fever vaccine required by certain countries, may be unable to travel.