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Reports today that bands are pulling out of Panorama

Panorama 2There is word today that some bands have begun pulling out of Panorama.

News Power Now understands that this is as a direct result of the controversy surrounding players and the PanTrinbago executive.

Over the past few weeks players have been expressing frustration over the non payment of stipends and, what they call, the poor management at PanTrinbago.

We have been reliably informed that Medium band Power Stars has pulled out and returned money to PanTrinbago.

We are also told that at least two big bands and one from Tobago are also considering dropping out of the competition.

Our sources also tell us that some big bands are now being downgraded to a smaller category because several players are still refusing to play.

We contacted Gerard Mendez, Chairman of the northern region to confirm this information but he would only say that players are in-fact disenchanted.

Mendez also told us that there is information reaching him that the National Carnival Commission is making moves to take over the Panorama competition.


Meanwhile United Pan Players Movement’s Dane Gulston says that that pan men are too fractionalized.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning he revealed that it is his understanding that some pan men may not have been in complete agreement with what transpired in meetings with Pan Trinbago.

He said that the fight belongs to all pan men, however for optimal results everyone needs to come together.

He said that recent reports that the pan men had given up their fight to have the executive of Pan Trinbago removed, was not completely accurate since as far as he was concerned the fight was still ongoing.

He disclosed that as the unofficial representative of the pan men without complete and full support, he has could only do his best.