Since her last album release in 2016, Barbados born international singer, Rihanna’s kept her fans in a state of unease over the fact that to date, she hasn’t unleashed a follow up. It was expected that at the beginning of this year, the singer would’ve thrilled fans with that anticipated album, but to date, NOTHING.

According to US publication, PAGE SIX, Rihanna snapped at fans during an Instagram Live session after becoming visibly annoyed by their incessant request for info on the release of the album. “If one of ya’ll ‘mutha*ck$rs’ ask me about the album one more time when I’m tryna save the world, unlike ya’ll president…. ON SIGHT!!!” she said.

Rihanna has put her money where her mouth is, donating $5 million USD toward global coronavirus relief via her Clara Lionel Foundation. In Barbados, Rihanna’s father contracted the COVID-19 virus and in response, the singer sent a ventilator for him. He spent 14 days quarantined and has since recovered.

She has also pledged $1million USD with fellow musician, JayZ, which went toward efforts in Los Angeles and New York. Additionally, the singer and owner of FENTY, teamed up with Twitter’s Jack Dorsey to address the issue of domestic violence during quarantine. Together, they donated $4.2 million to this cause that will provide 10 weeks of support including shelter, meals and counselling for individuals and their children suffering from domestic violence during this time.