Some 250 prisoners attempted to free themselves from the bars of the Golden Grove prison earlier today, sending officers into defence mode – a situation that was eventually quelled after police and other arms of national security got involved.

Police in combat gear at the Golden Grove prison in Arouca today.

According to reports, a Facebook LIVE video recorded by inmates is also being investigated. The situation is said to have started when a Prison Officer was assaulted by an inmate. Two superintendents are said to have intervened in a bid to stop the situation from escalating, however this proved futile, as other inmates attempted to defend the inmate who initially started the fracas. At the time, the inmates were being fed their meals. The situation escalated further with the inmates reportedly barricading themselves in the Southern side of the prison and in turn jamming the doorway.

Acting Commissioner of Prisons Dennis Pulchan said the inmates had attempted to escape through a hole they had created by slamming items into a wall. They were however met by the force of a compliment of national security officials, including police officers and prison officers. “We formed a joint team of prison, police and other agencies, we went inside and we had to use non-lethals to stop them from rioting,” Pulchan said.

National Security Officers were called to assist at the prison.

The situation was brought under control.

At the time of the Facbook LIVE video feed, the prisoners were heard chanting, “We not dying from no corona, ” and “we want we freedom.”

The Acting Prison’s Commissioner has assured that there are no COVID-19 cases in the prison and further to that, several precautionary measures have been implemented.