First lemons, now rocks have been found in the sewer system of the MV Cabo Star.

The Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (PATT) has now issued a warning to persons travelling on the vessel to refrain from placing objects in the toilets.

In a statement, PATT said the bathroom facilities on the cargo vessel were out of service on Thursday and subsequently repaired.

The Authority said the system was affected yet again on Saturday and repaired within a matter of hours. It was during these repairs that rocks were found lodged in the toilet vacuum system which caused the system to become clogged, PATT said.

Last November the owners of the vessel, Bridgemans Services Group, made allegations of sabotage as a lemon had been flushed down a toilet causing a blockage and a complete shutdown of the sewer system.

The company said at the time this had to have been a deliberate act as it was inconceivable for a lemon to be accidentally dropped into the toilet.
PATT said items of clothing were also found in the sewer system.

PATT is warning travelers that it is against the law to maliciously tamper or destroy the Authority’s property.