Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley is being warned.

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley is today being warned that he will be committing “the greatest political suicide” if plans abound to send home some 2,000 workers from Petrotrin.

President of the Oilfield Workers Trade Union (OWTU) Ancel Roget revealed at a press conference last week that the board of Petrotrin failed to turn around the company and its continuing decline.

He stated that the Prime Minister’s plan to treat with this was to send home Petrotrin workers.

A report in the Newsday Newspaper this morning quoted the Union leader as saying that while the government was talking about high wage bills, the board was defending the $63 million consultancy spend.

He also lashed out at the Minister of Finance,  Colm Imbert who he said is complaining that Petrotrin owes government royalties and taxes, and on the other hand is instructing the board to reduce the number of employees who would allow an increase in production.

Roget said reducing critical manpower in Petrotrin’s operations is not the answer for its success. He said the entire board, which does not have an inkling of how such an integrated oil company is run, but was appointed on the basis of friendship with politicians, must go now and competent people be installed.