Route 3 Green Band Maxi Taxi Association

The Route 3 Green Band Maxi Taxi Association will be engaging in protest action tomorrow.

President of the Association Julian St. George revealed that they will be protesting the Government’s failure to make proper arrangements for their maxi taxi drivers who are being moved from their present location from its current location opposite Mid Centre Mall in Chaguanas.

He made the comments in an interview with News Power Now this morning.

The demonstration, which is scheduled to begin at 6am, is expected to affect people commuting between Chaguanas and San Fernando, and between Chaguanas and Port of Spain.


He also claimed that there were other options that the Government could have explored.

He also revealed that the drivers were aware of the negative impact their protest would have on passengers, however he stated that this could not be helped

President of the Route 3 Green Band Maxi Taxi Association