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Rowley says Section 34 not an oversight

Keith Rowley 24Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley’s has stated that the Court of Appeal yesterday upheld the actions of the Parliament in repealing Section 34 following “the calamity” brought on by its early proclamation by the Government.

Dr Rowley also stated categorically that he believed that Section 34 was not an oversight, but rather a deliberate insertion into the law, done by the Government.

He said that those who were not in Government were surprised when the law was proclaimed in the dead of night on Independence Day, August 2012.

And he also held that it is only the Cabinet that took part in the proclamation of Section 34.
Rowley said the early proclamation of Section 34 allowed Ishwar Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson to use the legislation to escape the court.

He said it was a leak to the media that alerted the population to the fact that Section 34 had been proclaimed.

He further stated that if the State won the case, it means that the Court upheld that Parliament acted properly.