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Sabga-Aboud apologizes for ‘careless words’ made on Bourdain’s programme

Chairman of Global Brands Group of Companies, Mario Sabga-Aboud, has issued an apology regarding the comment he made when he and his family appeared on the recently aired CNN’s Parts Unknown programme.

During a conversation with host Anthony Bourdain, Sabga-Aboud stated, in reference to persons of Syrian/Lebanese descent in this country, that although they are considered a minority ethnic group, they have become the most powerful in society.

In a media release issued earlier today, Sabga-Aboud stated that his careless use of words resulted in him misrepresenting himself and his values.

He said quote, “I have never taken for granted the blessing to be a born and bored Trinbagonian. I am, and have always been humbled by the opportunities and support I have received in my over 30 years in business in T&T.”

This was a regrettable moment where my excitement led me to misrepresent myself as boastful instead of proud. Though I cannot retract my words, I hope that you all recognise my remorse and accept my sincere apology,” end quote.

This statement comes on the heels of the expression of disdain by some segments of the population.