San Fernando Business Association President, Daphne Bartlett.

The San Fernando Business Association is again appealing for joint army and police patrols in the Southern Borough following the shooting of a bank employee who was on his way to work on High Street on Monday morning.

Reports say the bank worker was shot in his stomach after being confronted by a bandit who tried to get his lap top bag. The incident took place around 8am.

In an interview SFBA President, Daphne Bartlett, said there is need for increased patrols in San Fernando.

Meanwhile, Scotiabank has issued a statement following the incident.

Scotia Bank says it is working with the authorities, regarding their investigation.

The bank also shared that it is working with medical services on the situation.

It stated that thoughts and prayers were with the employee and his family at this time.

The release informed that the bank is helping the other employees at the branch with counselling to help them cope with the incident.

It maintained that the safety and security of employees and customers is the bank’s top priority and that the matter is being taken seriously.”