NEWS GRAPHIC 15Daily paid workers at the San Fernando City Corporation have stated that they are fed up with their present working conditions.

The workers complained about several grievances via a media release.

As such they have embarked on work to rule action from today.

That claimed that their work and office space was in a dilapidated condition, that there was wastage of funds by senior officers, that contracts were awarded only to one contractor with no tendering process and they also complained of retrenchment of workers.

Their major concern however centers on gravel that continues to collapse unto the compound where they work.

One worker revealed that this has been an issue for some time and they are simply fed up of the situation.


The worker complained that they were operating in fear and discomfort given the fact that they were unsure if or when there would be an erosion of the earth on San Fernando hill.

The worker also lamented the fact that the authorities seemed unconcerned with the health and safety of the workers.