NEWS GRAPHIC 15The San Fernando City Council is urging members of the public to take responsibility for their premises.
A media release issued this morning revealed that the Mayor’s Office and all other departments of the Corporation have been inundated with complaints about overgrown lots and concerns of Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases.
He says that the public needs to be reminded to keep their surroundings clean.
He warned the public that the law will be applied to those who refuse to maintain their properties.
He claims that there will be an appeal to the courts to fine them.
The release noted that once the SFCC is permitted by the Court to cut an overgrown lot, the cost of cutting (usually $800.00) is applied to the property’s taxes.
According to the Yellow Fever Regulations, fines of up to $3,500.00 can be applied for unkempt premises which contain hazards that invite mosquito breeding such as blocked roof guttering, unused tyres, clogged drains, empty containers, and uncovered and overflowing water tanks.
The Mayor urges to public to follow the rules designed to keep the city healthy.