San Fernando General Hospital’s Medical Director fired.

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san fernando general hospitalMedical Director of the San Fernando General Hospital Dr. Anand Chattergoon, was among four doctors short listed and relieved of their posts.

Reports state that Dr. Praveen Ramoutar was selected for the post as Medical Director.

Concerns have been expressed by staff members, after the news broke.

Staff have expressed concern that Chattergoon’s replacement was never a head of department and he is presently attached to several private medical institutions.

A member of the board who spoke under anonymity said that it was not the board’s decision rather it was guided by the Minister of Health.

Dr. Chattergoon’s contract came to an end yesterday after serving since 1981, at San Fernando General.

The new Medical Director is expected to take up his position on July 8th. There will be no Medial Director until then.

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  1. mikael carlstein

    Open letter/

    Honorable Minister Deyalsingh

    Unfortunately I feel a definite need to write following questions about the hospital care in your beautiful country.

    November 2017 my fiancé, who is a citizen of Trindad and Tobago, and I was expecting a son to be born at San fernando general hospital.

    However, the child died at relatively late stage and was born through induced labour. Since then we have been recovering abroad.

    Some of the questions below are of general character and some more specific:

    How can it be possible for a person to put another human being (in this case my fiancé) at your hospital care claiming he/she is a legal guardian for my fiancé without showing any proofs of that this is true?

    Is it normal routine at your maternity ward to give evening CPZ-injections to a highly pregnant woman with a ruptured membrane that is already asleep/resting?

    Is it according to your hospital rules ok to immediately after induced labour send a woman to mental ward?

    Is it according to your hospital rules ok to put the same woman in seclusion straight after arrival at the mental ward?

    Is it true that in the seclusion section of Ward one at San fernando hospital the patients are forced to do their basic needs on the floor without even a bucket? (My fiance was recently treated for cellulitis on both legs.)

    Is it true that similar sanitary conditions occur at St Anns mental hospital?

    Is it according to hospital rules ok to perform autopsy on a dead child without agreement from the parents?

    Why did the hospital want to change the initial cause of death (Hypoxia) for our child into ”Stillborn”?

    Could it be possible for families to ”put away” other family members with mental illness at your national health institutions for longer periods?

    Is it true that you have two women at ward 6 (St Anns hospital) that has been there for decades just because their families do not want them ”out”?

    In November 2017 we delivered personally some of questions/complaints above to the Government through in a formal letter adressed to former President Anthony Carmona. We are still awaiting a reply.

    Also early November 2017 we gave in two written complaints to the complaints section at the San fernando general hospital. We are also waiting for their reply.


    Dr Mikael Carlstein

    Gruvorna 39

    792 92 Sweden

    cell: ++46 70 3052980