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San Fernando Mayor Says Derelict Buildings will Be Demolished Starting On Wednesday

Mayor Kazim Hosein

Mayor Kazim Hosein will lead clean up efforts in San Fernando starting today.

Plans are afoot by the San Fernando City Corporation to demolish derelict buildings in the southern city. A warning on Tuesday from the corporation that they will be mobilizing to demolish and remove a building situated at 1-3 Court Street in San Fernando.

The notice comes after months of pleas by the San Fernando Mayor and his corporation counterparts, for owners and agents of dilapidated buildings in the city, to have the structures removed.

According to the corporation, several notices were previously placed in the media, identifying the dilapidated structures earmarked for removed. The corporation said a small number of owners and agents came forward voluntarily to assist in the clean up effort, that is aimed at making San Fernando a better place for those who reside there.

The Corporation continues to call on the owners or agents of dilapidated and ruinous structures to come

forward . The corporation however assures that notices will continue to be served in the interim. The Court Street demolition is expected to take place from 10 o’clock on Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile,  in a separate effort to clean up the city of San Fernando, the Mayor, Alderman Kazim Hosein and his council has announced plans to engage in a massive cleanup exercise along the San Fernando Waterfront at Lady Hailes Avenue today. The mayor’s office said the first phase will begin in the vicinity of the “Kings Wharf Saw Mill which is situated on the property of the San Fernando City Corporation.

Prior to today’s planned clean up exercise, notices were reportedly served and as such,  the corporation will now move to clear the site of all unwanted material.