San Fernando Mayor Kazim Hosein

San Fernando Mayor Kazim Hosein

This was announced yesterday by the San Fernando Mayor Kazim Hosein.

He said the amended parking regulations have been approved by Minister of Works and Transport Fitzgerald Hinds and the Southern Division of the Traffic Management Branch.

The change will apply from the length of High Street from Republic Bank Limited to Courts.

The latest measure is being implemented as a means of solving the problem of Port of Spain/San Fernando taxis plying their trade on both sides of High Street and outside of their assigned taxi stand.

Hosein said the misconduct of some members of the Port of Spain/San Fernando Taxi Drivers Association has resulted in numerous complaints being received by the Mayor’s Office from business owners and merchants who were unable to safely load and offload merchandise to and from their business places.

Business owners and delivery vehicles will now be able to use the left side of High street to load and offload goods.

To accommodate the needs of the majority of the city’s commuters the major taxi stands of the Port of Spain, Curepe and Chaguanas Taxi Drivers Associations have been extended to accommodate more vehicles and a number of smaller taxi stands have been moved to Independence Avenue for easier access.

Hosein said the change was made after extensive consultation with taxi drivers associations, traffic experts and input from several public meetings over the past year.
The new parking arrangements on High Street form part of the Mayor’s larger vision for a new traffic management plan for San Fernando.

To date this has included recent improvements to the Gulf View Link Road; the creation of a new car park at King’s Wharf; additional parking and traffic enforcement in the Todd Street/Rienzi Kirton school district; a city-wide public consultation on traffic in June 2015; and school PTA consultations with the city’s primary and secondary schools.