Today, Mayor Alderman Junia Regrello, Corporate Secretary for the San Fernando City Corporation Mrs. Aura Martin Sealy, Senior Officers of the Municipal Police and TTPS carried out an inspection of the traffic and infrastructural issues along Mucurapo Street.

A media release issued today noted that there are many traffic violations as well as infrastructural issues that contribute to the bottle necking of traffic along this major thoroughfare.

These infractions not only have a direct effect on traffic congestion, but also impact on the safety of pedestrians. Many of the sidewalks along Mucurapo street are overcrowded with goods from storefronts which results in pedestrians having to walk on the road way.

Additionally, cars continue to park indiscriminately along Mucurapo Street, including goods vehicles which add to the bottle-necking effect.

The release went on to say that steps will be taken to directly enforce the application of the many bylaws of the San Fernando City Corporation to return order to the city.

All business places in the affected area are asked to comply with these regulations as they have been designed to positively benefit the quality of life of all citizens.