Fishermen from the Las Cuevas Fishing Depot says they still feel safe working within the area, despite the killing of Vaughn Mieres, aka Sandman, his wife Alita “Lety” Mieres and two of his bodyguards.

One fisherman, who spoke with Andy Johnson at Las Cuevas today, said that life has to go on as usual for him, as it is the only way he makes a living.

Meanwhile, an elder in the community who spoke with Melissa Stanisclaus-Chase, indicated that persons in the village are very much afraid and are concerned for their safety.

She said villagers will need time to heal.

The funeral service for Vaughn and Alita Mieres would be held on Friday, August 2ndat the Las Cuevas Government Primary School at 2pm, then onto the La Fillete Burial Grounds.