Three school children are expected to undergo counseling after they reportedly witnessed a man shooting another man in Port of Spain yesterday.

Report indicate that at around 7am on Tuesday, the three children – between the ages of nine and 12 – were walking along Piccadilly Street, when upon nearing Guides Funeral Home, they allegedly saw the shooting happen.


According to the children, they saw a man holding a firearm in his hand and pointing it at another individual, following which they heard several loud explosions.

The intended victim then began limping and ran across to Bath Street.

The children said the assailant along with a female companion then began picking up some of the spent shells from the roadway and walked onto Charlotte Street.

The children made their way to the school and reported the incident to their teachers, who in turn notified the police.

However, quoted persons police sources as saying that up to 6pm yesterday, officers had yet to receive any reports of persons being admitted to the hospital.