Video footage of a fight at a school in North-East Trinidad being shared online has caused concern among citizens.

According to reports, teachers and students locked themselves inside classrooms on Monday after unknown persons allegedly scaled the gates of the school to start a fight with some students.

The incident is said to have caused teachers and students at the school to lock themselves inside classrooms, fearing for their safety, while security officers on the compound attempted to intervene, according to

Police officers arrived shortly thereafter, however reports indicate that the intruders had already left the school.

In a separate video, girls in school uniforms were seen vigorously beating and kicking another girl, who was beaten so badly her shirt had been ripped off. She was seen being led away in tears by another woman. The incident allegedly occurred in Arima.

Reports state that the incident in Arima may have triggered the fracas at the school in North East Trinidad. Investigations into both school scenarios are ongoing.