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Update – Sea Lots Fire – Multiple Families affected


10 Families have lost their homes in the Sea Lots area. Fire Services from the Wrightson Road Station responded quickly to the alarm which came in shortly after 6pm on Tuesday.

Up to news time no fatalities have been reported as well as no clear cause has been determined. Fire services were able to contain the blaze late last night but not after the fire consumed 10 homes.

Reports are conflicting as some residents claim that they had to start a bucket brigade using the nearby sea water while awaiting the Fire Dept to respond. On the other hand some residents praised the Fire Fighters for responding quickly to the call.

The fire stopped traffic along the High-Way to a crawl as residents, fire fighters and onlookers crowded the scene.


Original story: Tuesday Nov 7th 2017 7:10pm

Reports coming to hand of a major fire out at Sea Lots. Fire services are on the scene and are being assisted by residents via a bucket brigade using the nearby ocean water.

Details will follow