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Search on for the driver involved in hit and run incident in Malabar , Arima.

The man caught on video being hit by a vehicle in Malabar Arima on Sunday, has been identified.

19-year-old Ezekiel Burton, of Old Trainline, Arima is now warded at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences complex in Mount Hope.

Video of the accident was captured by a security camera and is being shared online.

The footage shows the man leaving a food establishment with two brown paper bags in hand.

He attempts to cross the road at the same time that a black vehicle approaches him.

The man then appears to have slipped on the wet road surface and being stuck by the vehicle.

The video goes on to show him being pitched several feet into the air before landing on the ground about 20 feet from where he was hit.

Onlookers rushed to the man’s help as the vehicle stopped for a short while, and then reversed and made a swift departure.

Police say the 30-year-old driver later made a report to the Arima Police Station.